Do you want to renovate your bathroom? Ceramic tile installation can bring a dramatic change in your bathroom and bring difference as well. In some cases, installing tile is troublesome job, but tilling a bathroom can be done with less difficulty. Here is a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) guide that will teach you How to tile with minimal difficulty. Here are some simple steps to follow.

1.    Take measurement. You can begin with the back wall of the shower, for example. Use a tape to measure horizontal and vertical area of the wall. Mark the area using a chalk and note down the measurement of the area.  

2.    Create a plan. After taking measurement, you need to outline about how many tiles will require covering the area with tiles. You may need to cut some tiles to fit them in edge of the areas. Thus, pre-plan will help you to decide how many tiles you need to cut in advance. However, numbers of tiles depend on area that you want to cover and size of tiles. You can calculate this by dividing total area with the size of a single tile in squire-feet unit.

3.    Gather materials. To adhere the tiles you will be needed to get some materials from hardware store like tile adhesive, tile spacer, subfloor etc. These materials also can be found in tiles store. However, you can take help of tiles salesperson to get more idea and requirement to fit the tiles.   

4.    Prepare adhesive mixture. Prepare additive according to instruction that comes with the pot. In most cases, these additives come with instruction about how to tile using these additives. Therefore, you can follow this instruction to prepare and apply the glue. However, mix latex additive with thin set mortar and blend it until it becomes similar to mayonnaise. Leave the mixture to rest about ten minutes.

5.    Apply the glue. Apply it using flat edge of a trowel. Apply second coat after a while using notched edge of the trowel and apply the second coat before first coat dries. However, do not apply adhesive whole wall. Otherwise, adhesive will dry before setting up tiles. Make sure adhesive does not set before tile is applied. For large wall, you can divide the task in small, apply adhesive in small area and set tiles as well.

6.    Set up the tiles. It is time to stick tiles on the wall. Lay tiles one by one on top of the thin set with the help of your fingertips. To ensure equal space between the tiles you can use tile spacer. Give adequate pressure on the tile to set it up properly on the wall.  

7.    Add grout. After setting up tile, wait for one night and then apply grout onto the joints using a rubber float. It is better to start from a corner of the room and go toward the center. Then let the grout to dry about 30 minutes. To wipe haze of grout you can use a damp sponge. For final addition, wipe the tiles with a clean sponge to clean it properly.

This simple how to tile guide will help you to set up tiles in your bathroom tiles and add value of your home.

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