Marble Tiles are still popular even if modern houses are no longer using this type of stone on their flooring. Typically, marble is reserved only for the bathroom or for the kitchen countertop. It is important though that you know when to apply this elegant piece of stone on your home. For contractors, they are always ready to apply marble on the floor but they are not going to hesitate to tell you if it will not fit or if it will simply not look good. For instance, if you have a spacious property, having marble tiles can give your home an elegant look. It is classic and it is elegant. However, having a small space like a condominium for instance may not look good with marble tiles.

So how do you choose a marble flooring? One, you may want to choose the right color for your home. There are light colored marble tiles and there are also black ones. Both can show elegance but the former may take a lot of time in terms of cleaning. Aside from that, there are applications that could be added to the marble tiles in order to prolong the beauty of the flooring. You should also avoid acidic spills on the floor since it could discolor the marble.

Aside from flooring, you may also want to consider the marble stone as the main material for your kitchen countertops or for your tub. Sine time immemorial, marble remained as one of the most in demand products in terms of home renovation. It costs a lot of money but it could certainly give your home the look it needs. If you have a big property, you should go for this option. For smaller spaces on the other hand, you may want to limit the use of marble on your bathroom sink or on your kitchen countertop.

Franz Hault
12/19/2012 1:44am

Care must be given on where to place marble tiles. They do not fit everywhere. However, when they are placed on the right spots. They provide elegance and class.


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